Church planting takes effort, support, and loads of prayer. Reality LA took time in their service yesterday to pray for and send out Lorenzo Smith and Casey Fritz to start a new church in west LA.

We love to see the generous spirits of existing churches that encourage new churches. More info on the LA project soon!

If you are thinking of NYC today, on 9/11, please remember in prayer our churches in the city:

Forefront Church 
Everyday Christian Church
Forefront Brooklyn
Renaissance Church 
Church of Park Slope
Crossroads Christian Church

Through these churches, many are coming to know God, building communities of hope and restoration.

Great job, Discovery Christian Church!

Last week, the people of Discovery collected 4,600 pounds of food and supplies to deliver to a local pantry. The woman received this generous gift in tears. The pantry was down to its last four grocery bags.

Launch Sunday at Renewal Church in Chicago!

Just the beginning.

Launch Sunday for Renewal Church in Chicago! If you’re in the area, come by. 

It is a privilege to connect our planters and our partners!

Renaissance Church has its first preview service this Sunday. The Renaissance team would appreciate your prayers of support.  If you’re in NYC, showing up is even better!  Details here.

The following announcement was originally distributed near the beginning of this year.

Paul Williams gave vital leadership to Orchard Group for decades, including serving as President from 1989 until 2009.  At that time, Brent Storms assumed the role of President and began providing both visionary and operational leadership, while Paul transitioned to Board Chairman, representing Orchard Group in a variety of ways.   

On December 31, 2013, Paul retired quietly from Orchard Group. The Orchard Group board, staff and extended church planting family wish Paul and Cathy God’s best as they step into the future.  

The Board has appointed Eddie Lowen as the new volunteer Chairman. Eddie is the lead minister at West Side Christian Church in Springfield, IL and has been a member of the Orchard Group Board for nearly a decade.

5 Suggestions When Hiring Staff

You’ve read the books, gone to school, gone through assessment, raised money, worked and reworked your vision statement, found a place to meet and made it through launch. 

Congratulations, you’ve planted your church!  

You thought the most difficult stage was over, right?

While the beginning stage of a church plant presents lots of challenges, I’ve found that as your church matures the decisions and leadership pressure only intensifies.  It is sort of like raising kids. When they are little it is physically demanding, but once your kids discover a world outside of your four walls, the parenting challenges, decisions and consequences intensify. Your 12-year-old daughter in a bikini is much different than your 2-year-old in one.

When it comes to church planting and leading a church there are numerous examples of this principle, but none more vivid than this: hiring staff.

….continue reading here

Church Overhauls Single Mom's Hot Dog Truck from True North Media on Vimeo.

Seeing a need and meeting it. (Even when things get messy.)

This is a 21st Century version of the 1st Century at True North Church.

May God receive the glory on Long Island!

It is always a joy to worship with one of our new churches and see the growth and development of a new Christ-following and Christ-honoring community!  Missio Dei in Salt Lake City was planted in 2010.  This past Sunday, leaders were prayed for and commissioned by the Management Team.